You've always wanted a 1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK roadster, but felt the price was a bit high and the technology on the outdated side? Many felt that way in the 70s and 80s, and felt strongly enough to purchase the Classic Motor Carriages Gazelle. Available in kit or assembled form (until CMC was forced out of business in 1994), the Gazelle has a devoted following of enthusiasts to this day. Like an original SSK with stories to tell this example has quite a story, too, being the source of much neighbor grumbling in its downtown neighborhood for many, many months now.

See, parking is tight downtown, and the APD will red-tag your car if the neighbors complain about it being in the same spot for too long. Red-tagging means you have 72 hours to move your car lest it be towed, so folks who like to street-park a lot of immobile hulks future projects on the street are engaged in a constant battle of wits with their neighbors and the APD.

This Gazelle has been red-tagged countless times, because it's been parked on the same block with a FOR SALE sign for at least a year now. The price never changes, because in spite of the absolute lack of interest on the part of potential buyers, the car's owner knows this Gazelle is pretty much the same thing as a '29 Mercedes-Benz and thus commands a high-zoot amount. That's why he wants a cool $12,000 for it. Firm. That wouldn't aggravate the neighbors so much, except the same guy also has a Pinto-based Model A kit car (with similarly optimistic price tag) parked nearby. Ah, urban life!


Even with the top up, the lack of side windows means rain, bugs, leaves, pigeons, etc., have no problem getting into the interior. In fact, this Gazelle is getting rained in as I write this! Come on, at least put a blue tarp over it for the rainy season.

Most Gazelles were built using Pinto or Chevette running gear, but this one's registered as an '88 and has a Check Engine light (with custom Wite-Out dash labeling), so who knows what's under that classy skin? The front suspension does look Pinto/Mustang II-like, for what it's worth. Actually, the Check Engine light could be an oil pressure idiot light.


So if you've got 12 grand and don't mind replacing a waterlogged interior, this car might be right for you. You'll be laughing at all those VW Beetle-based SSK kit cars as you cruise in your Gazelle!

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks the price tag on this car is a little bit high; take the poll below and let us know what you think!

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