One of the traditions of the 24 Hours of LeMons race is the People's Curse award, in which participants vote for their least favorite car. The "winner" of this vote is then destroyed early in Day Two, and let that be a lesson to jerky drivers and/or cheating teams who spend far over the $500 limit on their cars! At the Altamont LeMons race a couple weeks back, the People's Curse award was bestowed upon this silver '97 BMW 7-series. The story was that the car was abandoned at the Orange County BMW dealership at which Poly Orchid Racing team members were employed, and was thus free. However, much grumbling ensued from members of teams who weren't able to obtain free V8-powered German übermobiles, with the results you see here.

Thing is, this team's drivers weren't jerkolas on the track, and their car wasn't blowing away its hapless competition to the extent one might expect (though it was pretty quick). Still, voice of the people and all.

Here's some video of the destruction ritual, complete with bloodthirsty mob, as captured by Belvedere Adrian, aka Plymsole.

But that wasn't the end of the line for Team Poly Orchid- the car still worked after the front end loader got through with it... and it headed back to the racetrack!