It's been quite a while since we last saw a Mercedes-Benz down on Alameda's streets, and that's partly because I've set a cutoff year of 1970 for these cars to make the DOTS grade. See, back in the days before M-B's quality control department went straight to hell recognized economic reality, you could count on your Benz to keep going for interstellar numbers of miles. This means that you still see plenty of 1970s examples on the road, so they just don't seem all that special. But maybe I'm wrong; take the poll below and let me know where you stand on this vital issue.

First of all, this might not be a '66; damn if I can spot the minuscule differences between model years on these things. Experts, let us know if you can tell us the exact year, and what the clues are.

That vertical speedometer is a thing of beauty. Even in its decayed state, this car's interior looks stolidly luxurious.


There was no doubting what type of car you were looking at with this grille. Too bad the hood ornament has been ripped off, as on so many of these cars.

Given this car's weight and low-power 60s diesel engine, it probably doesn't burn up the roads. But how many miles do you suppose that engine is good for between rebuilds?


This windshield damage is pretty scary- it looks like heat as well as impact was involved. Meteorite?

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