Commenter of the Day: Apples To Oranges Edition

With Herr Loverman still busy shooting men in Reno just to watch them die, he has requested that I fill in on Commenter of the Day duties again. Today we're going to give the award to a commenter who has combined metaphorical mastery with a dash of Camaro-style vulgarian flavoring to make his comeback all the more snappy...

...and that commenter is rkwadd, who put fellow commenter TampaRon in his place during the debate over the Lexus IS 350 with this:

Nothing like comparing apples to oranges to point out how bad the oranges are at being red. Stop comparing the BMW 330 with the Lexus IS 350. The match up should be BMW 330(6.7 seconds)/IS 250 (7.9 seconds). Your IS 350 is priced with the BMW 335. So your 5.6 seconds can suck the 335's 4.9 second dick.