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Interesting article over in the New York Times yesterday. It seems the number of cars being built outside of the United States (and North America) and being sold here is actually increasing rather rapidly. This despite protestations on non-US automakers that they're building more and more vehicles here. While it may be technically true there's more being built here, automakers are increasing the numbers of imported vehicles at an even more rapid pace. In fact, the Times claims

"The foreign companies against whom the Big Three compete are selling more and more cars that are not made at their factories in the United States, making labor costs here less important. They are importing again — in fact, quietly importing almost as many cars as they did in the 1980's when Japanese vehicles flooded the market, provoking an outcry, and also import quotas."

We're totally gonna go out and grab a copy of Gung-Ho immediately just to get back in touch with our early 80's understanding of quotas. By the way, when did the Times start going pro-US automakers? [via NYT]