We've got a fair number of civilian-owned military vehicles in Alameda, including the Pinzgauer, the M43 Dodge Ambulance, and the 1945 Ford GPW Jeep. Well, those old soldiers can just fade away, because now we've got this monster living on the island's East End!

Yes, it's a freakin' Unimog parked in front of a charming Craftsman bungalow. And, yes, it really does live on the street in Alameda- I don't fake this stuff!

I won't attempt to speculate on the year and model, although a friend who knows military vehicles says it might be a U1300.


This is the first Unimog I've ever seen in person. It's actually not quite as huge as I'd been led to expect, but the ground clearance is absurd and the frame looks like it could survive a direct hit from a tactical nuclear device.

I think Mercedes should apply this interior look to all those damn luxo-SUVs they're selling. You don't need cupholders- you need switches you can operate while driving down a burning mountainside.


I'm sure my state's governor is very proud of his personal Unimog. Look at this thing!

That Florida Coast Guard plate is civilian issue, though it's likely the owner has something to do with the major Coast Guard base in Alameda.

Of course, the most important accessory is the Guinness bottle opener by the driver's door.

What the heck, let's have a poll to brighten our Monday gloom!

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