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I'm telling you, the IndyCar fans here at the Detroit Grand Prix — they're like vultures, hungry for the flesh of young drivers. Maybe they're not as bad as Nascar fans, but certainly worse than the countless dozens of fans in the paddock yesterday for ALMS racing. We happened to be walking through the paddock when IndyCar driver Marco Andretti, speeding through on his little scooter from one trailer to another, gets greeted with a "Marco!" Unfortunately, young Marco's not yet old enough to know he's not supposed to stop and yell "Polo!" So as he stops the scooter to turn and figure out if the name-caller is someone he should be stopping for, within less than the time necessary to yell "Fish out of water," he's been mobbed by dozens of flesh-hungry adoring signature-seeking fans. We give the kid credit for stopping and signing a few, although it became...


...clear after a few swipes of the pen he'd maybe found himself in a situation where he'd be too busy signing autographs to, you know, race and stuff. Plus we're fairly certain the vultures would have stripped his flesh neatly from his bones in order to sell little Andretti flesh-strips on eBay and finance new rolls of indoor-outdoor carpeting. He almost had to push people out of his way with his scooter tire to get the li'l bike through and himself out of harms way. We're telling ya, this racing stuff's more dangerous than we thought. Keep following the rest of our flesh-hungry coverage of the return of racing to Detroit at our Detroit Grand Prix tag.