Spy Photos: 2008 Dodge Challenger - Yes, Again

Yeah, we know that we're feeling like it's "Maximum Mopar Day" or "Muscle Car War Weekend" or some other such silliness. But what are we to do — how would we know our one shot yesterday would release such a torrent of photos? We've got a few more camera phone shots from the same forum poster of the first one from earlier today. We've now found out all of them (at least the non-Priddy ones) were taken out on I-75 as the photographer "was coming home from school." The first shot's above and the second one's after the jump. And as always, the concept shots are all-galleried up for your pleasure below. And as always, if you've got spy shots or a tip of any sort — send it our way at tips@jalopnik.com!

Spy Photos: 2008 Dodge Challenger - Yes, Again

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