Jalopnik Had A Transformers-Induced Robogasm

There's very little we can say at the moment about the Transformers movie as we're bound to an embargo date on our movie review / plot details of 12:01 AM tomorrow morning. But here's what I can tell you:

-As you can see by the above shot, last night we ended up as a Decepticon.

-We walked out of the theater last night with one of the biggest grins on our face we've had in a long time.

-Michael Bay did not ruin our childhood.

-This movie will make A TON of money.

-GM Exec VP of Design Ed Welburn drives an amazing yellow '69 Camaro — but he wouldn't wear the blinking Autobot t-shirt.

-We don't think Camaro designer Brian Smith drives an amazing yellow '69 Camaro — but he did wear the blinking Autobot t-shirt.

-For the next few weeks General Motors is the luckiest automaker on earth.

You'll be able to read the rest of our Transformers-induced robogasm at midnight-plus-one tonight, so come on back around these parts to get our exclusive take on the biggest movie of the summer.

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