The Audi RS4 Lives!

If you could all see the smile on my face right now. Turns out that we and everyone else erroneously reported the seemingly untimely demise of the fire-spitting RS4. Not so fast reports the publication dedicated to the road that no matter what refuses to go straight (can we stop this?). Here's the skinny low-down they got from Audi's Media Relations dude, Patrick Hespen:

Chris Bokich, my new boss and former A3/A4/A5/RS4 product manager for the US says this is completely untrue. There will be a full build of the 2008 model year RS4 sedan, and production is still continuing. We have stated before that the RS 4 will have a 2-yr model run, 2008 being that second year.
First, we love that Audi people can't even get the RS4/RS 4 thing straight. Second, A WOP BOPA LOO BOP A LOP BAM BOOM! The only sad part is that there will be no RS4 for 2009. Apparently, there is a never an overlap of RS models. Which means that either the Gallardo-engined R8 ubermensche won't be called RS8, or with over 900,000 vehicles sold last year, things are cha-cha-cahing at Audi. But really all we care about is that the RS4 lives. Cars that awesome have a right to.

Hallelujah! Audi RS4 Sedan's Death Greatly Exaggerated [Winding Road]

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