Here's something you don't see too often in the self-service junkyards: a '94-96 GM B-body with running gear ready for harvesting (at $200 for any engine, complete small-blocks from the modern era tend to depart within hours of hitting the yard). At first glance it seemed to be a Caprice, but...

...then a quick look at the emblems showed that it was the Caprice's Buick sibling, the Roadmaster. Judging from all the Hayward Police Department stickers and markings, it looks like a car that was stolen and stripped of doors and many interior parts, the owner walking away from the hassle and expense of claiming it back from the impound lot (a fairly common scenario for Bay Area self-service yards, with the HPD being a major contributor to the supply of parts cars).

But no matter- the 260-horse LT-1 is still there. Just the thing to rebuild and then drop into a 240Z. Or, better yet, a Fiero with Lambo doors!

Junkyard Find: 1987 Turbo Sprint [internal]