As was reported earlier today, gas prices in the United States hit a record. We were going to ask you how much you paid for gas today ($3.69 per over here) but with the exception of the five people that live in Northern California, it is too depressing to hear the rest of you moaning about $3.12 per gallon. because to us out here in LA-LA that stings of the good old days. Anyhow, summer is not even here yet. $5.00 a gallon is nigh. And just like the stock market, gas prices go up, they go down, but they always go up. With that in mind, and literally more than you can afford gasoline right around the corner, what do you want to be driving in five-years time? Me? Well, this weekend I had the opportunity to peddle around a quadracycle. The cast-iron steering wheel featured less than half-a-turn to lock reflexes. That, combined with the severe rear-weight bias (two fat guys, two kegs of beer) gave the lime-green tube-framed beauty 911-like handling qualities. The dual 3-speed transmissions (one for each rider) could use a few more gears, but the forward visibility is epic.

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