Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: UAW Mulls Chrysler Bid, CAW Says "Hell No!"

We read this morning in the Detroit News the UAW was interested in maybe making their own socialist-style private equity bid for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. Now that we've had a bit to digest that little bite of industry info, we're actually a bit interested in hearing more about this cockamamie KirkKerkamamie scheme. But it sounds like there's at least one card-carrying union-man who's not interested in the proposal in the least. That man would be none other than CAW leader Buzz Hargrove. The Buzz-man told Automotive News

"We're not interested...the workers already have everything invested in that company today including their jobs and their pensions."
Who knew Canadians were such ramblin' gamblin' men? – Ray Wert

UAW weighs Chrysler bid [Detroit News]

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