Durango Cereal Holds Value Better Than Dodge Durango

One of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning in Detroit is to head down to Eastern Market, a 100-plus-year-old bastion of hardcore dickering and deal making. Primarily a direct-to-consumer outlet of hyperfresh foodstuffs and wacky plant life, there are also several locations dealing in antiquities and oddities. Cue one of the oddities. Somehow, a press kit from the unveiling of the Dodge Durango at the 1997 Detroit auto show has survived for a decade and is now being offered for sale for $35! (*cough* *cough* WHAT?!) In our estimation, this free press pack, featuring Bobs Lutz and Eaton, some certainly stale cereal, and a couple of info booklets has appreciated in value infinity percent. If only this could somehow work for fleet sales...

The Bobs mugging it up after the jump.

Durango Cereal Holds Value Better Than Dodge Durango


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