Diapered, Pepper-Spray Wielding Long-Distance Astronaut Charged With 1st-Degree Attempted Murder!

Look, we've had beefs with romantic rivals. It once nearly came close to fisticuffs. Or it would have had he turned up at that Jets to Brazil show instead of hightailing it to Olympia, dammit. Ah, drama amongst fin de siecle indierockers. But at some point, you fold your tent and retire from the field and turn it into material for a tired, long-running romantic- schadenfreude schtick. It's generally accepted practice that you don't roll 900 miles rocking a pair of adult diapers, track down and pepper-spray the person competing for your affections. You're a freaking astronaut, not Richard Marcinko, Sharkman of the Mekong Delta. And so, rather predictably, long-haul not-quite-supernaut Lisa Nowak has been booked on first-degree attempted murder charges.

Astronaut to be charged with attempted murder [LA Times]

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