Admit it. Few companies have a line as awesomely-named as "Bunn-O-Matic." But General Motors did. The Electro-Motive Division, a group which constructed mighty-powerful locomotives that used stonking diesels to generate spasm-inducing, death-killing amounts of electric power to rotate the wheels of some of some of the baddest-ass transpo devices ever designed. It's ironic that such beefy, brutal machines could give us such a peaceful, easy feeling, but hearing the trains rattle by on the Carquinez Straits on a clear Benicia night did exactly that. Who knew commerce could be so meditative and pleasing to the ear from a distance? GM sold off Electro-Motive about two years ago, but its legacy within the company lives on, oddly enough in the Chevrolet Volt concept. Now click through and watch a rad rock video by Avail about trains and the people who ride them.

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