The always-on webcams at the Chicago Auto Show begin to b-cast their feed at about t-minus-one week before the show's media preview begins (for those folks who are as-yet-unawares, that's this week). Despite the obvious need for being careful around such a device, the folks at the General couldn't help themselves and ran their little promo vid right in front of the lens. Lucky for us, our friends at the G8Power board had their seemingly never-blinking eyes on the always-on footage feed, and snapped some screen-caps of the G8 sans Wagoner-bra-cladding. Check out their big scoop (as in hood — ha, we slay ourselves) above, and in the two pics below the jump.

UPDATE: More pictures have leaked out — full gallery below:

Oh Noes, GM — Did The Pontiac G8 Just Leak?


Oh Noes, GM — Did The Pontiac G8 Just Leak?

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