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For those visiting the Detroit auto show during public days — along with the rest of the unwashed masses — the swag opportunities have diminished significantly since the roaring '90s. Fortunately, press days, like those that passed last week, are rife with worthless trinkets, food, drinks and assorted whatnot. This year, Toyota won my personal swag contest, hands down. Compared to last year's hybrid this and wacky concept that, 2007 was OMG! TUNDRA IS TEH AWESOMENESS!!! Easily 75% or more of the Toyota brand display is devoted to all things Tundra. And the branding, oh my, the branding. If the display isn't made of two by fours or threaded metal pipes, it's probably plywood or some other construction material. They even have a guy dressed up as a construction worker wondering around. And the swag? Effing belt buckles with a stand, man! How much more down home, apple pie, football and cowboys can you get? And where's my PBR!?


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"What? This ISN'T the construction site? Crap, not again."

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