LA Auto Show: Porsche Remains Logical

Stating that all Porsches are logical evolutions, and by merely talking about their latest in logicmobiles they were getting all goosebumpy, the affable yet precise Germans at the LA Auto Show rolled out the latest from Stuttgart. Porsche also showcased a less evolved example of Porsche racing history by putting a 908/3 on a pedestal. While the 908/3 kicked out around 300-500 hp in the 70's depending on race trim, the new-to-North America GT3 belts out 415 hp. That's 115 street-legal hp per liter of naturally aspirated displacement, kids. While driving a vintage 908/3 on the street would certainly be fun, spinning it ass-first through the plate glass window of the local Starbucks would likely land your ass in the hoosegow. The new 911 Targa 4S is pretty sweet too. More fast logic in the gallery.

LA Auto Show: Porsche Remains Logical



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