DIY Chinese Car: Mr. Hu's Amphibious SUV

While we're waiting for China-built cars to land on American shores, farmers in rural China are taking matters into their own hands. This, from Virtual China:

Mr. Hu lives in Loudi city, Hunan Province, in southern China, and has spent his life working on ships plying China's rivers and canals. He calls his invention "the Happy Boat" ... He and his wife plan to take the vehicle on holiday during China's National Day vacation, to explore scenic waterways in other parts of his province. Mr. Hu will apply for a patent for his vehicle, too.

It's powered by a five-horsepower diesel engine and a one-horsepower electric engine (a hybrid!). Turf above, surf after the jump.

DIY Chinese Car: Mr. Hu's Amphibious SUV


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