Formula V-Twin: The TwinTech

What happens when you take one part American Chopper and one part Ariel Atom and shake thoroughly? No clue. But one guy in Brighton, Michigan — a former Ford design tech who was also responsible for this — decided to forgo the shaking part and just merge the two entities in a single car. He and a few engineer friends created the TwinTech, a minimalist roadster powered by an S&S V-Twin engine. Weighing a super-trim 1200-lbs by way of its tube construction, the TwinTech can get to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds via its 125-hp two banger and sequenial transmission. Equal weight distribution makes the lowdown formula machine an ideal track-day ride. Turnkey models will likely cost in the $50,000 range, though DIY guys may be tempted by a TwinTech in kit form for less. Someday.

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