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If there's one thing we hate about Mister Jalopy it's that he simply doesn't post enough. We realize that he's busy building things and whipping Hooptyrides, Inc. into shape. And yet somehow we missed his post on one of our absolute favorite things ever — the Can-Am era. If there is one episode in the last century we really regret losing out on due to our Ford Administration birth, it's the ultimate formula libre sports-car racing series. Calliope stacks. Gigantic wings. Jim Hall. Bruce McLaren. Chevy big blocks, Mark Donohue. The Porsche 917. The Sucker Car. Oscar Kovaleski's awesome slot-car-track paint job. The list of reasons to love Can-Am is essentially endless. And back when he was referred to as Master Jalopy, our hero was turning Pink Pearl erasers into replicas of the racers. We just chewed on ours.

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