Proto-Scirocco? Volkswagen Iroc Concept

Our compadres at Eurocar Blog got hold of a few scans from an unnamed Spanish magazine that's allegedly published photos of Volkswagen's Iroc Concept (no, not IROC, Tony, ScIROCco), which will inform the company's upcoming Scirocco coupe. As EcB points out, the concept in these shots looks like an elongated VW Golf, with a connection to VW's Ecoracer concept it showed in Tokyo. The real Iroc will debut at the Paris motor show next month. No T-tops on this Iroc, though — it looks like it'll have a panoramic sunroof.

Proto-Scirocco? Volkswagen Iroc Concept

Volkswagen Iroc Concept - first images [Eurocar Blog via AutoScoops]


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