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So we realized last night that Wert's gonna have to get some sleep, and last night he tried. Unfortunately, when he's ingested four Starbucks doppio espressos in a 6 hour period — it's much more difficult than just "going to sleep." And no, the liquor didn't help much either. But, since it worked so well for him yesterday — we've dropped a couple of double shots down our Detroit man's throat — and sent him out to do his task, because there's now only 24 hours to go before the big Cruise starts. So with that, here's his last daily pre-Cruise update before the big day. Remember that you can check out where he's been and keep up with all that's to come by checking out the mini-site we've set up for the live-blogging tomorrow of the world's largest one-day classic cruise in the world, or if you'd prefer, here's a tech-friendly feed for your fave reader. With that said, click the jump for Wert's remaining 24 hours covering classic cars:

• We now know the answer to the question "How much is a jaywalking ticket in Royal Oak?" — and the answer is $35. Don't do it, dudes...use a cross-walk during the Dream Cruise.
• There's a private viewing of the REX timerunner day planner auto collection today — Wert's gonna be trying to crash it and get some pictures for you.
• We actually agree with Daniel Howes this morning. We never thought we'd be saying this...and it's very difficult for us to say, There, that wasn't too difficult. Ok, maybe it was.
• What is with The Car Connection finally starting to cover the Dream Cruise on Friday? Where were they all week?
• We almost had the chance to ride in the Camaro trailer yesterday — but like all cruising on Woodward Avenue, when it's two days out — it's pretty much impossible to actually cruise the Avenue's so packed. [Thanks to GM/Chevy race babe Jan Thomas for trying, though!]
• If for some reason you want to get away from the Dream Cruise — the Detroit News can tell you how not to be here.
• So where's the place to be tonight? It's gotta be the General's exhibits in front of Athens Coney Island — they're opening 'em up early for the public at 6:30 pm this evening. Wert'll be there at 6:30, and so should you. In case you're looking for Wert today, he'll be at the Starbucks on Woodward and 13 Mile Rd. from around 6:00 AM until noon. After that, he'll be like a roaming gnome — except 6'3" — so e-mail him at to find out.


By the way, in case you're wondering — the picture's of the new traffic "Crow's Nest" installed this year down in Ferndale at 9 Mile Rd. and Woodward.

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