Ask Dr Z About The Fine Print: Sweepstakes Rules Leak Dodge Challenger R/T Approximate Retail Value Of $30,000

Dodge's probably thinkin' it wished they didn't have to follow all of those rules for sweepstakes — like the ones that require them and ePrize to list the Approximate Retail Value (ARV)of a give-away. For instance, in the Dodge Challenger give-away we reported on yesterday (and the subsequent muscle car skirmish), the fine print's pretty clear:

THREE (3) VEHICLE DRAWING C PRIZES: 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. ARV: $30,000.

Although that number's just an approximation, and heavens knows it don't mean a hill of beans — it's certainly a good indication Dodge's looking to move some of these here muscle cars. The Charger's priced at about the same ($30,705) for the R/T with a HEMI, and since the two share the same underskirt, that pricing makes some sense. [Hat tip to Zerin!]

Official Sweepstakes Rules [Dodge/ePrize]


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