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If you've been following Wert's coverage so far of the hoopla leading up to the Woodward Dream Cruise, the biggest single-day automotive spectacular in the whole wide world, you'll know he's kinda been all over the place. Well, since we've got him by the short n' cur—err—since we know the guy who signs the paychecks, we've asked him to sit down in one spot for a while, and he's there now — waiting. What's he waiting for? Why you, ya big silly. If you've got a classic, custom or "special" car and want us here at Jalopnik to run a profile on it, stop on by the Starbucks over at 13 Mile Rd and Woodward Avenue — he's been told to wait until 7:30 PM tonight — and he'll be there from 5 PM to 7:30 PM on Thursday too. [You can also e-mail him @ Ray -at- Jalopnik -dot- com to set up another time.]

So...sit Wert, sit! That's a good Wert!

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