Swabian Refinement: The Lorinser Mercedes S-Class

Considering we've always had trouble with Teutonic coordinating conjunctions, we're relying on World Car Fans to translate details on Lorinser's new S Class tuner — the Lorinser S 06. First, an engine kit gives it a 30% boost in horsepower, owing to a modified exhaust manifold/catalytic converter unit and sundry hacking of the ECU computer — providing "improved combustion in the upper rotational speed range" — bringing horsepower to 298 for the 3.5-liter V6 and 420 for the 5-liter V8. Vmax for cars with either engine is uprated to 174 mph. A supercharged version is good for 516 hp and 205 mph. Or it comes with extra pants, we're not sure.

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