Over the Back Fence: "Blue Devil" Vette to Have 700hp

Unsubstantiated tips come and go, but some stick around like relatives. If there's anything right in the world, this tip — which adds to the broadening legend of the "Blue Devil" Corvette — sticks. It's from a guy who knows a guy who's been to a master-mechanic's seminar on fixing the supercharged mill that will allegedly power the Dodge Viper-smoking 'Vette. According to the guy's guy, 700hp is in the works.

"My VERY RELIABLE source tells me the new Corvette is going to come with 700+ N/A HP!!!! I didn't believe him until he said he went to the class that shows them how to repair the engine. My source has been a Master Chevy mechanic his entire career.

He also mentioned there will be 2 new supercharged CTS-V and the convertible (forget the name) Caddy's. The design of the supercharger actually puts the intercooler inside the intake manifold, cooled by a front end radiator.

Whoa, mama. [Thanks to Kurt for the tip.] [UPDATE: Catch of the day goes to Frank, who points out that N/A could mean "naturally aspirated," mitigating rumors of supercharging. Can anyone say LS9?]

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