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Well, its official — Paramount Pictures is one hella leaky place. First it was those pictures we saw of the Camaro — then the Bumblebee pic Paramount asked us to take down — and now the teaser trailer's hit the net almost a week before Michael Bay's best laid plans had it written. In fact, so bad has it gotten, the boys and gitls at Paramount have said "screw it" to the whole plan of dropping the teaser trailer like a firecracker onto the official website on July 4th — and have gone ahead and dropped it early. So roll on over to see some pictures of a very mean Decepticon beat the snot out of a Mars rover — and with it, Michael Bay's pride and PR rollout plan. Megatron, you bastard! [Hat tip as always — to our boy, Hue and TFW2005!]

Transformers Movie

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