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Yes, we know the Hinckley - Jodie Foster reference is in bad taste — but come on, if The Family Guy can do it, why can't we? According to our media maven masthead Gawker, Foster and Neil Jordan were shooting their new film The Brave One over on New York's Upper East Side. The plan was to film a scene over on East 87th, 88th and 89th streets this morning beginning at 7:00 AM — a plan necessitating movement of the cars parked on either side of the street. To make sure the residents in the area understood — the boys and girls in blue posted the big yellow sign above. We'll let NY blogger The Reeler take it from here:

"The parking enforcement unit and the production company had posted some pretty conspicuous notices around the neighborhood sometime last weekend, politely if not directly warning residents that any cars parked on East 87th, 88th, or 89th Streets and the bordering stretches of Lexington and Third Avenue on the morning of June 20 would be subject to removal—towed to the "nearest legal parking space." And they were not messing around: By 9 a.m., a pair of tow trucks had relocated at least a half-dozen vehicles to Third Avenue just above 90th Street.

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"There is no cost or penalty to owners of relocated cars," read the notices supplied by Redemption Pictures (IMDB lists Warner Bros. as the attached studio). "In the event that your car is relocated, contact either one of our parking assistants or your local police precinct. With a description and/or a plate number, they will tell you where your car can be found.'"

Wasn't that nice of them? Here in Detroit — well, we're lucky if we find our car if one of the municipalities snag it. But when we do — we're generally treated with a multi-gazillion dollar fine. Of course, you could just not pay it out here — but the City of Detroit is strongly encouraging folks to pay up. If you don't you may end up in a list of the top 100 folks owing money in parking tickets — like these poor schleps.


Oh, and the scene they were filming on the Upper East Side? It was a traffic jam.

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