Cobb Gives Subaru Tribeca a Boost

It was bound to happen. Texas's Utah's own Subaru tuning specialists, Cobb Tuning have turned their attentions to the divisive Tribeca SUV. The company's engineers worked up a supercharging system for the ungainly ute with an eye toward improving what many consider to be lackluster performance from the stock 'beca. Cobb's team fashioned the system around a Rotrex compressor, adding an air-to-air intercooler and a custom mounting scheme that dampens sound and squelches harmonic dissonance. The result is a dyno'd 320hp and 270 lb-ft torque from the Subie's 3.0L flat-six. Suspension tweaks and some cosmetic upgrades complete the picture, which, for all purposes, is far prettier than it was before they started.

Cobb Gives Subaru Tribeca a Boost

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