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When AutoWeek reported last month Mitsubishi was testing the i minicar on the streets of Los Angeles we were a bit skeptical what reaction a 660cc (or even 1000cc for the world audience) car would garner from auto-obsessed Los Angelinos. Well, whatever reaction Mitsubishi received, it would appear the company from the land of the rising sun is still pushing for a worldwide audience. A report today on the website Nihon Car & Bike seems to indicate the little-itty-bitty "kei" car will potentially be on its way to Europe — but more in specific, the UK. We guess someone's gotta give SMART a run for the money, cause it's obvious they haven't found any yet on their own. Anyhoo — here's a nice little teaser picture gallery showing all of the Mitsubishi I's kei-car goodness. Head on over to Nihon Car & Bike for the rest of the shots and for some great video.

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