Your Fast Is Teh Suck

God bless you, Jalopnik readers. The Jalopnik B-team can't afford to buy magazines (yet), so when we need to find out about a good print ad, you're there to send it to us. Or maybe you just make up fake print ads, we don't know. But either a Subaru or a big Subaru fan is sick of the VW Fast ads, and here is the response. Ray still loves his fast, he was all like "What's a Subaru anyway, something that gets [bleeped in the bleep] by Toyota?" A full size photo, and more, after the jump:

Actually Subaru is the Japanese word for the star cluster Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. But the Subaru logo only has six stars. Confused, we went to Wikipedia, where we learned that the Pleiades star cluster "is dominated by young, hot blue stars," and then we had to take a five-minute break. Who knew Subarus were so sexy? (hat tip - Mateo)

Your Fast Is Teh Suck


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