Holy Nissan, It's The Cube-amino!

Well, now that we've seen what we can do with Nissan's Cube, we're even more geeked it's gonna be making the jump from Japan in 2008. According to Nihon Car & Bike — where we snagged the bitchin' pics — Nissan's had a vehicle called "CUBE" since 1998, but they've only made a vehicle called Cube with a cubic shape since 2002. And just like Toyota's Scion xB (or Toyota Bb if you're reading this from cross the pond), it's highly customizable — as MonoCraft's shown us with this amazingly pimped-out display of Cube-ism. Check out our bump below, and then head over to Nihon Car & Bike for an eight ball of square cut-out-edness, including some video. (Hat tip - James Chung!)

Pick-Up Cube, MonoCraft Autobacs, HDTV [Nihon Car & Bike]

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