What Would a Jalopnik Reader Drive?

The Jalopnik editors' car ownership proclivities have recently come to light, thanks to a few eagle-eyed readers. We're almost all busted: Davey's got a Durango, Farago (who used to drive a Porsche Cayenne) carts the kids in a Honda Odyssey, Wert (more about him later) prowls Dee-troit's mean streets in a Jeep Liberty, and Spinelli... Wait, what does he drive? Oh yeah, he's never revealed it. That being the case, we've got a two-part request. Part One: What do you drive? Send in (to tips@jalopnik.com) the make and model of your ride, whip, daily driver, junker, ex—cop car, weekend cruiser and trailer queen. We'll tally and post the results. Part Two: What does Spinelli drive? [You'll never get it — ed.] We'll award a prize of some value to whoever comes the closest to guessing what the Jalopnik editor parks (on the street) in front of his ghetto-fabulous residence. Commenters, you can use the comments. Good luck!