A Bit Of 5-0 at 6.0: The Dodge Charger Police Cruiser

When Dodge dropped the Charger at the Detroit Auto Show last year, they had this gag with a Charger rollin' up decked out like the General Lee of Dukes fame...and one followin' it decked out as a cruiser that would make Enos and Cletus drool. Now Dodge has a promo clip for what the Michigan State Police called "the fastest police car tested", with a 30-60 time of 3 second plus change. Go ahead and pop the clutch over the break for the video:


Oh, If you don't understand why the 30-60 time is more important than a 0-60 time for a cop, you obviously haven't been pulled over for 25 over on 75. Not that I have. Today, I mean.

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