The Madness Cometh: "Car"-melo's Got A New Ride

So out of the strange intersection of March and basketball we have found a story which involves both of the above while adding high-performance race cars into the mix. Oh, the madness.

Carmelo Anthony, in Indiana to play the Pacers on Wednesday, swung by Indy Motor Speedway to ink a deal sponsoring an IndyCar for driver P.J. Chesson, starting with next week's season-opener in Florida.

The Honda-Dallara'll have a very distinctive blue-and-white paint job, will be painted with Anthony's grinning portrait and be nicknamed the "Car-Melo."


The new owner of the "Car-Melo" had the following comments while at the track (that plus video after the jump):


"Every kid has a dream of owning and driving a racecar. I have always had a love for cars - especially fast cars - and this is a dream come true. I'll stick to driving the basketball lane and let P.J. handle the fast lane...for the record, I'm not getting in the car...I can't fit into no IndyCar."

Carmelo, it almost sounds like you didn't jump straight from high school to the NBA. Come to think of it, maybe it's the reason he's focused on IndyCars during March Madness.

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