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While we were at the Geneva show earlier this month, a curious reader asked us to see if the hybrid batteries located in the rear of the Lexus 450h were indeed encroaching on trunk space, eliminating any chance of a golf foursome lugging their bags to the club for tee-off. As luck would have it, we arrived to the display in time to take a peek, but an excitable PR flack slammed it shut when he spied our digicam. Then, he walked off, ignoring our cries of "damn you, PR flack!," which receded into the background like the soundtrack of "A Night at the Roxbury" at the fleeing audience's back. From what we saw, the trunk looks a bit cramped, but barring an official measurement, may still may be of decent size. Buyers in Japan will get a chance to do their own measuring at the dealership, as the cars are going on sale there today.

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