Chrysler Looking for Partner to Build Hornet

Chrysler showed off its Hornet subcompact concept this week in Geneva, now AutoWeek reports the company is looking to build it in partnership with a European or Japanese partner. We'd heard a new, sub-Caliber entry Dodge would come from the company's partnership with Volkswagen, which will manifest in a new VW minivan due in 2008 — that consideration was confirmed by Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda in Geneva. But we also heard a rumor that Chrysler could tap former small-car partner Mitsubishi for its European Colt platform. Sticker on such a car would likely start in the $12,000 range, with a sports-minded version like the Hornet shown in Geneva — with a supercharged 1.6-liter four — going for around $15,000.

Chrysler Looking for Partner to Build Hornet

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