More Shindiggin' With Dieter, Bluetec, GL-Class

Dieter went forth from Chrysler's booth and took command of his own, opening his first press conference as J rgen's replacement with a silly boardroom skit about what Americans want in a car. From there he espoused the wonders of the eighth-gen S-Class as well as the new Bluetec motors available this fall. The 50-state-legal diesels will also cut across company lines and make the jump to Chrysler Division vehicles, notably jeeps.

More Shindiggin' With Dieter, Bluetec, GL-Class

Next came the GL-Class, which according to Tha Deet, was designed to be safe, efficient and built for American tastes. Now the soccer moms have a vehicle with Mercedes panache the G-Class paramilitary styling! Everyone wins! Now let's get out and buy 'em folks! Make Dieter a happy, happy German, shall we? Make the people of Tuscaloosa, AL proud.


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