A TwoFer: Opposite Volvo Four-Wheelers in Los Angeles

Director Brett Ratner's Evolve XC90 takes the Hollywood route (did you expect anything less from a hack?) and goes all midnight on our asses. Black, black, everywhere black. Blacker than Huey P. Newton. Blacker than Blackface Jesus. Definitely blacker than Wayne Newton. It quotes Chuck D. It's so black, it's at war with its wheels and trim.

A TwoFer: Opposite Volvo Four-Wheelers in Los Angeles

On the other hand, let's take the XC70 All Terrain, which we somehow missed at SEMA last year. And not that blackness isn't cool, but steroidal station wagons with serious clearance, Clarence, really get us going. Equipped with a full-boat roof rack that features a color-matched generator that can apparently plug into inputs in the rear quarter, the only real fault we found with this one was the color-keyed jerry can really should've been bondoed and blocked before it was painted, because it cheapened the high-tech, off-road look. Besides, who doesn't block-sand their jerry cans, just to keep 'em fresh?


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