First Enzo, Then Super Enzo: More FXX Test-Track Footage

Ah, to sunbathe in the infield at Fiorano, taking in rays while the sonorous wail of Ferraris of different configurations and displacements gradually destroys our hearing, frequency-range by frequency-range. Here's a downloadable movie (40 megs, so fire up your broadband, childrens) that features a couple of horses prancing about. First, we've got an Enzo repeatedly hanging its ass out upon exiting a corner, and then it's time for the big gun the FXX. At idle, the thing almost sounds like a musclecar, but when the hammer drops, it's pure racing machine all the way through.

Video FXX [via Rideroom]

Super-Enzo Video: The Ferrari FXX at Monza [Internal]