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Forbes' Dan Lienert compiles the 10 top-selling lux-rides in the United States and the shocker is that the Lincoln Mark LT tops the list! Okay, that's a bold-faced lie, and it wasn't even particularly funny. Sorry we just wasted fifteen seconds of your lives. But what is pretty interesting is that GM's Cadillac brand managed to wrangle three spots while Lexus and Acura only scored two. What's even more surprising is that Cad's sales charge was led by the freakin' DTS! For all the ink spilled on the allure of a dubbed-out 'Slade, and the praises heaped on the CTS as a 3-series fighter, the front-drive luxo-barge carries the day. The more things change, we suppose...

The Top 10 Luxury Vehicles in the US, Sales-Wise:

Lexus RX - 97,001 units


BMW 3-Series - 96,358

Acura TL - 70,943

Infiniti G35 - 62,507


Lexus ES330 - 60,807

Cadillac DeVille/DTS - 56,458

Cadillac CTS - 53,959

Acura MDX - 52,426


Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 50,852

Cadillac Escalade - 46,813


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