Automobile Announces Automobile of the Year, All-Stars

Automobile has let fly with its annual roundup of the best in the automotive world for '06. This year's pick for the Automobile of the Year? The BMW 3-Series, which probably doesn't come as too much of a shock, given that it seems to be the perennial gold standard of entry-lux RWD sport coupe/sedans among the auto-journo set. The rest of the odds 'n' sods of the past 365 (ish) days, as well as the Ann Arbor mag's choices for this year's All-Stars follow after the jump.

* Design of the Year: Pontiac Solstice

* Man of the Year: Wendelin Wiedeking, Chairman, Porsche AG


* Technology of the Year: BMW's Magnesium-Clad 3.0-Liter N52 Engine.


'06 Automobile Magazine All-Stars:

* BMW M5
* Chevrolet Corvette Z06
* Mini Cooper
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
* Porsche Boxster
* Subaru Legacy

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