Return of the Super Commando, 392 Hemi

The trend these days in the crate motor world is to punch famed big-block displacement numbers out of small block designs. Chrysler's the latest on board with their new 440 Super Commando and 392 Hemi crates. The 440 is based on the LA-series 340 Resto Block, but designed to work with later-style Magnum parts for EFI or carbureted applications. It's bored and stroked to make the magic 440 number, which is pretty impressive, considering Chevy only got 427 inches out of the Z06's LS7.

Return of the Super Commando, 392 Hemi

The 392 Hemi starts with the 6.1L Hemi block from the SRT-8 editions of the Magnum, Charger and 300C and goes from there. Frankly, we're just stoked that they brought back the Super Commando name, which simply reeks of badassness. Now all we need is a Six-Pack version. Somebody get Barry Grant on the phone.


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