Ending a Marriage via Sanctioned Vehicular Violence

More than one pitying soul has compared our love life to Jawbreaker's catalogue of morose, discordant rasp-pop classics. The really sad thing is, they're probably right. Now if we had some real cojones instead of slacker-punk-guy-blogger fauxjones, we would challenge our exes to a freakin' demolition derby. Which is exactly what Wayne Ardo did last Sunday to his ex-wife, Sue Fulford at the Lorain Speedway, near Amherst, OH. The paper with the best name in the nation, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has the blow-by-blow. Meanwhile, we're rifling through our address book. Anyone know where we can pick up a Chrysler Imperial, cheap?

Marriage Ends, Wrecked Cars Follow [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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