Mercedes to Show AMG R63 Supervan in Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz has given its new R-Class van (sorry, Grand Tourer) a dose of AMG shock therapy, creating the Vision R 63 showcar that the company will show in Frankfurt next week. Derived from a long-wheelbase R-Class, the Vision model is powered by Merc's new, AMG-built, naturally aspirated 6.3 liter powerplant. (More accurately, it measures 6.2 liters, but is being marketed with an extra 0.1 liter to remind buyers of the company's massive 6.3-liter V8 of yesteryear). The Vision's 510 hp and 465 ft-lbs. of torque can reportedly propel the 17-feet-long van to 62mph in around five seconds (though top speed is capped at a gentlemanly 155mph). Click through for more, or go to German Car Fans for the full press release.

As for gear swapping, it gets AMG's SpeedShift five-speed automatic with Touch Shift, plus steering-wheel-mounted paddles, as well as permanent all-wheel drive with 40:60 front/rear torque distribution. To keep all four tires on the tarmac during suburban chicanery, the Vision gets air suspension with Merc's Adaptive Damping System. Inside, toys abound, with four 7-inch flat-screen monitors, so second and third rows' worth of Fauntleroys can screen the latest SpongeBob in sufficient delicacy, as mom breaks the sound barrier en route to Country Day.

Mercedes to Show AMG R63 Supervan in Frankfurt


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