The Salesman Giveth and the Salesman Taketh Away: Dealership Manager Charged with Larceny

Remember when the worst quality of automobile salesmen seemed to be their propensity for calling you "buddy" or more recently, "bro?" (We killed a man with our bare hands because he called us "bro.") Well, a North Carolina man recently took slimy salesmanship to the next level, horking cars he'd just sold to customers. Randall Lake's luck ran out when he unlawfully repo'd a 'Slade he'd just sold to a man at Arnold Palmer Cadillac in Gastonia. (We ask you, what other brand of car would old-school golfing greats sell?) The police tracked the Escalade via LoJack to Lake's house, where they found it stripped, along with a Corvette chassis and an ill-gotten TrailBlazer both stolen during his tenure at another dealership. For Lake's sake, let's hope his cellie's actually named "Buddy."

Car salesman charged with stealing [News 14 Carolina]

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