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Mazda officials made official the company's attention to bring its MX-Crossport concept, introduced at January's Detroit auto show, to market as the CX-7. It's not clear whether the production model will retain the bulk of the concept's gizmos, though we hope Mazda will find a way to keep the cool, porthole-like 3D nav interface (picture after the jump). [Update: Thanks to all of those who pointed out the typo in our headline. No more mescaline before breakfast, we swear.]

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According to the company, the CX-7 fits into a new global naming strategy, in which crossover SUVs will carry the CX designation; core vehicles retain the MAZDA-plus-number naming (e.g., MAZDA3, MAZDA6); rotary-engined sports cars get an RX (RX-8) and piston-engined sports cars get an MX (MX-5 Miata in the US). Tribute, MPV and B-Series Truck will keep their current names, but all other cars will be named "Steve."


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