More Crappy Sales News: VW's US Numbers Decline Badly

Man, the hits just keep on coming. The DCX woes are bad enough, and of course the media's circling GM's carcass like ravenous buzzards, but get this: Volkwagen's year-to-date sales are down a sizeable 18.9% from last year. VW desperately needs the new Jetta to be a hit, but reviews have been mixed on the car. They're still suffering the ill effects of Ferdiand Pi ch's eccentric product planning, though with Wolfgang Bernhard now on board, they've got a fighting chance. It'll definitely be interesting to watch Volkswagen's fortunes over the next few years, because just being known as the Pope's Choice isn't gonna help 'em set sales records. [Thanks to Paul for the tip.]
-Davey G. Johnson

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